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Air Duct cleaning in Adams, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding areas. As a heating contractor we understand the importance of cleaning out your duct systems. That is why we use the top of the line Rotobrush system to clean your ducts and vents. It's important to know that your heating ventilation and air conditioning systems play a major role in the quality of our indoor air environment. The air that travels through these ducts is the same air that you and your loved ones are continuously breathing. Please look at our photos below and see why getting your duct cleaned is so important. We offer air duct cleaning in Wisconsin Rapids and also air duct cleaning in Wisconsin Dells.


Air Duct Cleaning Services

Supply Duct Cleaning


Return Duct Cleaning


Dryer Vent Cleaning


Why Air Duct Cleaning?


Reduce or Eliminate Odors

Bacteria and mold can grow in HVAC systems or ducts when excess moisture, dirt and the right temperature is present. Ultimately exposing children, elderly, asthma sufferers, your family, friends, loved ones and clients to dangerous bacteria. Mold and mildew will leave a nasty odor in your home or business sure to be detected by most. 

Healthy Environment

According to the American College of Allergists, polluted indoor air aggravates or causes 50% of all illnesses. Contaminants in the heating and air conditioning systems can be spread throughout an entire home, office or commercial building. Dust and microbial contamination are major contributors to respiratory tract infections and result in illnesses. 


Short Air Duct Cleaning Video

We use the top of the line Rotobrush as shown in this video! Please take a minute to see how duct cleaning works, and why it's so important.

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Let's Clear the Air!

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